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Custom Orders

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Training Stick


  • 1/4" Rope Loop - your choice of color for loop and braided knot
  • Regular Stick (3/8" rod) or Lightweight Stick (5/16" rod) - your choice of color
  • Golf Grip Handle
  • 4' standard length or any length shorter - I can cut the rod any length then add the rope loop and grip

Price:  $29.50

Training Stick for Kids

3' Lightweight stick (5/16" rod)

Same features and price as above

Color choices for 5/16" sticks







Checklist for ordering a Training Stick
1. length of stick

  • standard 4'
  • kid size 3'
  • custom length (anything 4' or less)

2. weight of fiberglass rod

  • 3/8" standard rod
  • 5/16" lightweight rod

3. color of rod
4. color of rope loop 
5. color of braided knot
6. label, if any

Rope Options for Loop 

1/4" Double Braid Polyester

Solid Colors

Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Coral Pink, Silver Gray, Navy

Multi Colors

Rainbow, TurquoiseSB, Twilight (blue/purple/navy)

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  • All sticks are made with solid fiberglass rods.  Fiberglass is strong but flexible, light weight and very durable - the perfect combination for an equine tool. The 3/8" diameter rod has been the standard size most used in the industry - I refer to products made with this rod as "Regular".  Lately, the trend has been toward lighter weight equipment that is easier to handle.  The 5/16" diameter rod is lighter weight and more flexible than the 3/8" rod - a great option for kids and anyone else looking for a lighter weight stick.  I refer to products made with this rod as "Lightweight".

  • Rubber golf grip handles are attached using the same materials and methods as golf clubs.  I add an additional small piece of shrink tubing to seal out dirt and protect the rim of the grip.  I use Star Grips which are Made in the USA.

  • Rope loops (and rope handles) are made with Artcraft Braid double braid polyester rope and are permanently attached so they won't fly off during use -- a common complaint with many sticks on the market today. Knots are braided with polyester braiding cord.  You can choose the color for loops and knots.  


for adults and kids


Fiberglass Rod Options

Checklist for ordering a Q Stick
1. length of stick

  • standard 3'
  • custom length (anything 4' or less)

2. color of rod

3. color of braided knot tip

4. handle option

  • standard golf grip
  • rope handle

6. label, if any

Q Stick

This is my creation for those who want a shorter, light weight stick for more refined communication.  Made with the Lightweight 5/16" rod in a 3' length (or however long you want it), a braided knot instead of the rope loop, and the option of a Rope Handle or a golf grip.  I also add a detachable hang loop to the rope handle which has a sliding knot to snug up to your wrist, saddle horn, etc.   Great for close-up ground work or under saddle to transition cues from the ground. A perfect tool for liberty or bridle-less riding.


  • Braided Knot Tip
  • 3' Lightweight Stick (5/16" rod)
  • Rope Handle with Hang Loop or Golf Grip Handle

Price with rope handle:  $30.00

Price with golf grip handle:  $18.00

Braiding Cord Options for Knot 

1/4" Rope Loop with Braided Knot

 A Training Stick is an essential tool for natural horsemanship methods.  It is a communication device, not a whip and is to be used as an extension of your hand.  A 4' stick is especially helpful when starting colts and working with aggressive horses - you can touch the horse but stay a safe distance away.  Attach a string to have an even greater reach.  A cloth flag or plastic bag can be attached for desensitizing. It is also a great communication tool for giving specific cues in advanced maneuvers and when working at liberty. 
Several of my trainers have commented that my stick is the best they have used.

My unique rope loops are maintenance free - no cracked, dry leather to keep oiled or plastic/rubber tabs to break off.  Clean the rope loop with water as you would your lead rope or reins.  

The rope loop is made of 1/4" rope, is permanently secured to the stick and has a braided knot covering the attachment point.  This braided knot, which is hardened with rope sealant, can provide a little extra motivation if needed and is also a good "scratcher".  One of my trainers says his horses really like to be rubbed with the braided knot making that a great reward!  

I offer a lifetime guarantee on any stick purchased after January 1, 2013 that the rope loop will not come off the end of the stick under normal use.  This guarantee does not apply to normal wear of the loop or to any other part of the stick.  Please go to the
Policies page for further details.  

Star Golf Grip - made in USA

Color choices for 3/8" sticks





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​​Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Coral Pink, Silver Gray, Navy, Turquoise, White, Kelly Green

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