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​​​​​​​​​​Unique Trim ~ Leather Accessories

Custom Orders

Customize  your tack with fancy knots, tassels, and braided trim for a one-of-a kind piece of equipment.  Braided knots can be decorative and/or functional - mark the center of loop reins or identify specific hand holds on your reins or lead rope.  Coordinate all your tack with a particular color scheme - great for ID purposes.  The possibilities are endless!

One of the comments I often get from customers is that the custom trim I offer is very unique.  I don't know of any other rope tack business that offers the wide variety of intricate knots and trim that I have available.  This is my speciality!

COWBOY KNOTS  Many options for this type of knot. Noseband braiding and cheek trim on halters, decorative knots on reins and lead ropes.  Different sizes, lengths, braiding patterns.....

Artcraft Braiding Cord is great for making all kinds of knots, braided trim, tassels, etc. It is constructed with a polyester cover over a separate polyester core. I prefer using this over leather lace for several reasons:

  • it is as maintenance free as the rope it is added to (easy to clean and no need to keep oiled like leather lace)
  • it is made with the same polyester yarn as all the other rope so it matches perfectly. I have all the colors to match the rope plus a few others
  • ​I can use the braiding cord with or without the core to create different effects on various items. When the core is removed, it becomes flatter. It is round and firm with the core in place.
  • the ends can be melted to better secure braided items
  • it can be protected with rope sealant where necessary

​​​Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Coral Pink, Silver Gray, Navy, Turquoise, White, Kelly Green

(the neon green is actually brighter than shown)

TURKSHEAD KNOTS & BUTTONS There are several options for this type of knot - one or more colors, different patterns and sizes, end buttons.... Great for lead ropes and all styles of reins.

Attachment I can braid the knots and trim directly to the rope so they are permanently attached or I can make them so they will slide. Not all knots can be sliders and I have noted which knots have that option.

  • Permanent: the braiding cord(s) is inserted through the rope and then the knot is braided
  • Sliders: the braiding cord(s) does not go through the rope but is just braided around the rope.  On button loops, I criss cross the cords of the ring knots between the rope strands so the knot won't slide off the end of the loop.

Sliders are a good option if you are unsure where you want the marker knots on your reins.  They are braided onto the rope tightly but they will slide when you first get your equipment so you can move them where you want them.  As the reins/lead rope gets used, the knots will not slide as well so position them as soon as possible.

I secure the knots and braided trim by burying the tail ends of the braiding cords under the knot and then melting the ends  - this keeps the knot from unraveling.  I try to do this so it is not noticeable but ultimately, it is better to have a small melted spot than have the knot come undone.

Sizing  Some knots can be braided in different sizes - lengths and/or diameters.  Some are limited to one size/length.  Most of the time, I will need to choose the size or diameter of the knot that best fits the diameter of the rope or the intended purpose of the equipment.  Some trim is not as well suited for lead ropes as it is for reins (lead ropes tend to get more abuse so therefore need more secure knots) and not all trim that is suitable for halters will work on reins or lead ropes - and visa versa. You will be able to choose the style and some parameters of size/length but I will make sure to you get the best size for the knot or trim.

Color  You always have your choice of color for the braided trim - with limitations.  I make some knots only in one color, others in 1, 2 or 3 colors and some items can have several colors.

I have made notations as to the options for attachment, size, and color in the descriptions for each knot.

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Knots, Buttons and Tassels

I have separate pages for the different types of knots and buttons because I have a lot information and pictures to share. Please click on the links below to learn more about that type of knot/button.


TASSELS  From simple to super fancy.  For reins, lead ropes, romals, and also separate tassels.

RING KNOTS These are a very useful knots as well as being decorative - an economical way to put hand hold markers on reins (great for center marker!) lead ropes or just to add a bit of color. 

The various knots and trim available to customize your tack are described on these pages. 

Prices are listed on the various products pages for the knots and trim that are available for that particular product. 

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1/8" Braiding Cord Options for Custom Trim 

Options for Attachment, Sizing and Color 

Rope Halters, Lead Ropes, Long Lines,

Reins, Sticks & Strings, Hackamores,

​ Headstalls, Mecates & More

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PINEAPPLE KNOT BUTTONS  This page also includes the Lone Star Button.  Very intricate knots. A great way to make your tack really unique.