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Buckaroo Browband with crown knots and medium cowboy knot

doubleweave pattern
$36.00 for bridle  

$28.00 for halter  (shown in picture)

interweave pattern
$38.00 for bridle  
$30.00 for halter

How to measure your horse for a browband

​​Have the halter or bridle adjusted so it fits properly.  Make sure the halter or bridle is the same or similar piece of equipment that you will be attaching your new browband to. It is best to use a soft measuring tape.  If you don't have one, use a piece of string, make a knot at the correct places, then measure the string between the knots with a yard stick or metal tape measure.

1.  Hold your tape measure at the front edge of the halter poll strap or the front edge of the headstall piece on one side of your horse's head where the browband will be attached.

Multi Colors

Rainbow, TurquoiseSB,

Twilight (blue, purple, navy)

Knotted Browbands

Rope Options for Browbands

2.  Pull the tape measure across the forehead where the browband will fit - over or under the forelock according to how you will use the new browband.

(If the forelock is not very thick, like Brandy's, it won't matter too much if the tape is under or over.  If your horse has a thicker forelock - it will make a difference.)

Scroll down for options, descriptions and prices of different styles and measuring directions.

​Plus the new halter/bridle connector browband!


Buckaroo styles can be used with halters or headstalls.  They are adjustable but I will need a forehead measurement to be sure it is "in the ballpark".  The buckaroo style has two strands of 1/4" soft rope with crown knot buttons tied on each end.  These ends are folded over and secured by ring knots, creating a space for the halter poll strap or two spaces for the headstall and throatlatch straps.  These ring knots are not attached to the rope so you can slide the rope through the knots and therefore adjust the browband to fit your horse.  A decorative knot is braided at the center of the browband to keep the two strands of rope together.  You can customize your browband further by having pineapple knots or turkshead knots braided over the regular crown knots and/or by adding other knots across the front of the browband.  To see options, go to  About the Custom Trim

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Examples of browbands with additional options

Buckaroo Browband for halter with cowboy knot - interweave pattern  $30.00

Additional customization:

- Pineapple Knots over crown knots  $26.00

- two additional ring knots  $8.00

​Total Price for this browband:  $64.00

Knotted V Browband - short fringe  $39.00

A forehead measurement will be helpful even on those styles of browbands that are adjustable.  The adjustment options are intended to tweak the fit of the browband, not change complete size ranges.  

When making your measurement, it is important to have the piece of equipment on your horse that you will be using with the browband.  If you are ordering a browband as part of a new bridle or halter set, at least put something similar on the horse so you will have a good idea of where the browband will fit on the new set.  Also, if you plan to have the browband on top of OR under the forelock -- measure accordingly.  It may not matter much on some horses, but others may have very thick forelocks which could affect the length of the band.  As with measuring for a halter, it is best to have 2 people - one to hold the horse and one to take the measurement.  Also, it will probably be best to take the measurement 2 - 3 times and figure the average or give me the most common number that you came up with.

Another option would be to measure an existing browband that fits well.  Let me know if the leather, nylon, etc. is really thick so I can account for that in the measurement.

Buckaroo Browbands

Most bridles and hackamores use a browband or some kind of ear piece to keep the headstall in place at the poll and also to accomodate the attachment of a throatlatch strap.  So a browband is functional and decorative on a bridle or hackamore setup.  On rope halters that are used for riding (sidepull halter, natural hackamore halter, etc.), browbands are mostly for decoration but they do serve the purpose of keeping the poll strap from sliding down the neck.  This can be helpful depending on the type of riding you are doing and how your horse holds its head, etc. Using a browband with a riding halter is not necessary, but it's a fun way to customize your tack.

I have a few options if you are interested in a browband.  You can purchase them separately to use with a headstall or with a halter.  Some styles can be used with both interchangeably.  Regardless of the option you choose, I will need to know what type of head gear you will be using with your browband since headstalls and halters fit on a horse's head differently.  Headstalls normally fit close to the ears and line up with the corners of the mouth - rope halters tend to fit farther back from the ears with the poll strap angled toward the jaw/throatlatch area. 

1/4" Double Braid Polyester

Solid Colors:

Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Coral Pink, Silver Gray, Navy

Knotted Row Browband - with short fringe $28.00, with long fringe $31.00

Utility Browbands

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Buckaroo Browband with crown knots and center ring knot
$28.00 for bridle  
(shown in picture)

$20.00 for halter

Price: add $16.00 to price of any style buckaroo browband for bridle

Knotted V Browband - long fringe  $42.00

Halter/Bridle Connector Browband

This item was ordered by a customer and I have now added it to my product line.  It is a buckaroo browband made with extra connector pieces so you can attach and un-attach it to a halter.  The halter will serve as the throatlatch for the bridle and when you want to remove the bridle, simply undo the connectors leaving the halter in place.  Easy to attach when tacking up originally or getting back on the trail after a break. The connectors operate like my button loop connectors on reins - with a sliding ring knot to open and close the button hole.  I have been asked many times over the years to create a "halter/bridle".  I have tried some options but I was never satisfied with how the bit straps made the bridle part fit.   This product solves the problem - 2 separate pieces connected by the browband so each one fits properly but can conveniently be separated if/when needed. You can use it with one of my rope headstalls or with a leather headstall; with a rope halter or web halter. I will just need to know the details of what you will be using it with so I can make it properly to fit that equipment. The pictures below show a black browband, black rope headstall and hunter green rope halter.

1/8" Braiding Cord:

Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue,  Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Coral Pink, Silver Gray, Navy, Turquoise, White, Kelly Green

Braiding Cord Options for Browbands

​​You can also lay the browband out flat and measure with a ruler or metal tape measure.  Just be sure to measure to the front edge of the opening where the headstall goes on both sides of the browband.

As the name implies, these are basic browbands made with the 1/4" double braid polyester rope.  They are not adjustable so I need a forehead measurement.  They can be used with a halter or headstall/throatlatch.  They have an Alamar knot tied in the center which is sewn together so it will stay intact.  The ends are spliced through itself to make a space for the halter poll strap or two spaces for the headstall and throatlatch pieces.  

Price:  $10.00

How to Measure for a Browband

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Knotted browbands can be used with halters or headstalls, over an existing browband or alone.  They are adjustable but I will need a forehead measurement to be sure it will fit.  These knotted styles are made with the braiding cord.  They have a band with adjustments on each end (similar to the chin strap for sidepull halters, etc.) that connects around the poll strap of a halter or the headstall/throatlatch pieces of a bridle.  [The connector can go around both the headstall and throatlatch straps or it can be connected to just the headstall piece.  This browband does not attach to the headstall and throatlatch separately - will not create a space between them - so if that is needed on your bridle, it may be best to use this style of browband over the top of an existing browband.]

The strands are knotted onto the band in either a simple row or a V pattern.  You can also choose the length of fringe. The short fringe extends about 1 - 2" from the row or pattern of knots and will remain above the eyes.  The long fringe will extend down toward the nose - over the eyes - which will aid in keeping flys away.  I will need a measurement from the base of the ear to the corner of the mouth as a guide for how long to make the fringe so your horse won't be able to chew on it.

You can choose the color for the band and for the knotted strands.  You can have everything the same color, the band one color and the knotted strands another, or several colors for the knotted strands.  Most people choose 2 - 4 colors. Refer to the braiding cord options shown near the top of the page for available colors.

These browbands are labor intensive - lots of little knots - so the price reflects the time it takes to make them.

Checklist for ordering a Browband
1. style

  • buckaroo
  • knotted
  • utility

2. for halter or headstall

​3. size

3. color of rope 

4. color of braiding cord​​

5. additional customization, if any

Note: The browband measures about 12 3/4" with this method.  This is the same headstall and browband but when measuring flat, the thickness of the leather does not factor into the length. This method is closer to getting the inside measurement of the band. 

Either method is fine.  A quarter to half inch will not matter too much either way since most of the browbands are adjustable anyway.

2.  Note the number at the point where the browband joins the headstall.  Again - take the number at the front edge of the headstall. This browband measures 13".

​1. Hold the end of a soft tape measure at the point where the browband joins the headstall.  Make sure to stay in front of the headstall.​  Pull the tape along the front of the band until you reach the other side.

Buckaroo Browband for halter with cowboy knot - doubleweave pattern  $28.00

Additional customization:

- two additional ring knots  $8.00

​Total Price for this browband:  $36.00

How to measure an existing browband

​​Make sure the browband you are measuring fits well and that it is attached to the same or similar type of headstall or halter that you will be using with your new browband. It is best to use a soft measuring tape.  If you don't have one, use a piece of string, make a knot at the correct places, then measure the string between the knots with a yard stick or metal tape measure.

3. Pull the tape snug and note the number at the front edge of the halter poll strap or headstall piece on the other side of the forehead.  This is the measurement I will need.

Brandy's browband measurement for a halter is 18".




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