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medium ring knots on outsides, turkshead knots in center

Medium Ring Knot 

I don't use this knot very often.  It is similar to the small ring knot but has another layer of braiding.  It is harder to make it centered at a point (the insertion point for the braiding cords is off center of the knot).  Makes a nice decorative or marker knot that is a little wider than the small ring knot.

Uses:  reins and lead ropes - decoration, marker knots, sliding knots on connectors, headstalls, etc.
           halters and other 2-strand 1/4" items: decoration on poll strap and noseband

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Halter Custom Trim      Reins Custom Trim     Lead Rope Custom Trim

The ring knot is very useful as well as decorative - an economical way to put hand hold markers on reins or lead ropes or just to add a bit of color.  Ring knots are an integral part of many of my products - rein connectors, headstalls, browbands, etc.


Attachment:  Permanent or Slider (small size only)
Size Options:  Mini (for halters only), Small (also called Spanish Ring Knot) and Medium (sometimes referred to as a Headhunter Knot).  I can add more cords when starting the knot to make it a larger diameter but it will stay the same width.

Color Options:  Only one color is used to braid these knots.  

Photo Gallery of products with Ring Knots

all ring knots are small size unless noted otherwise

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On 5/8" rope


Small Ring Knot - the most popular and most used on my products

I use this knot all the time - on my button loop reins connectors, headstall bit connectors ... anywhere I need a small sliding knot.  They also work great as marker knots on reins. The small size is best for center markers - it fits between your fingers when holding our reins and it's easier to get centered (the insertion point for the braiding cords is in the center of the knot). Using the same or similar color as the rope makes it less noticeable.  A contrasting color will show up easily. 

Uses:  reins and lead ropes - decoration, marker knots, sliding knots on connectors, headstalls, etc.

           halters and other 2-strand 1/4" items: decoration on poll strap and noseband

Mini Ring Knot - for halter cheek pieces only

There is only one true ring knot option for halter cheek pieces - and I can only put it on the soft rope.  The cord goes through the rope and I can't do that on the stiff halter cord.

Uses:  decoration on halter cheek pieces and other 1-strand soft rope items

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