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Custom Buckaroo Bridle sets

" Oh my gosh we LOVE our tack.  I can't even begin to tell you how completely pleased we are with the quality and workmanship.  Thank you so much for taking the time to make such beautiful sets!  I cannot wait to show my riding buddies, they are going to just die when they see our tack!  I absolutely love both sets and you can bet that from now on our tack will be Y Knot Tack! You just can't find something that is handmade, custom/one-of-a-kind, well made, and will last a lifetime for that price, if you could even find it at all!! We ran out to the pasture as soon as it came in the mail and made our boys take time out of their grazing schedule to try on their new fact we ran out so fast we didn't bring a camera, so we will send photos to you tomorrow.  Thanks again and I will be sure to pass along to all of our horsey friends how pleased we are with everything. And it was SO thoughtful of you to include two chin straps, they are wonderful!!  Thanks sooooo much!!!!!."

Allison and Chase from South Carolina

Regular Halter, Extra Knots Halter and Bosalter with cowboy knots on cheek pieces

"  the three halters arrived today and fit great.Thank you so much. Freedom wearing your Bosalter. Looks great thanks again  "

Gene from Arizona

Bosalter crossunder halter with medium cowboy knots on cheek pieces and ring knots on poll strap - draft size

"  I received my Bosalter yesterday and it's perfect. I tried it on him and it fits and looks fantastic. "

Jeri from Wyoming

Extra knots sidepull halter, stiff cord

It fits perfectly!  Thank you so much.

I tell everyone I meet that is looking for halters and bitless bridles about you!

Laurie from Wisconsin

Regular Sidepull Halter, 9' Loop Reins with Button Loop Connectors, 12' Lead Rope with eye splice and plain tail

"Just a note to say I got the package and I love the halter! It fits well with a good length to fasten without being floppy. Thank you so much for the extra notes you enclosed so I have the ability to make adjustments."

Pam from Texas

12' lead rope with 3-bite cowboy knot marker, 5/8" rope

" The lead rope is fantastic.  Wow!   My 13 y/o daughter said, "I'm obsessed with this lead rope."  :-)   Then she promptly said, "I want a y-knot hackamore and mecate reins.   It would make a good Christmas present!"  
I took the lead rope to Lazy Acres Equines on Friday to show off the new lead rope.   Michelle thought the marker was such a great idea to make it easy to tell it was my rope and not get confused.  She was astounded when I told her the marker was at 4' from the snap.   "Oh, that is way better than tape!"   The others at lessons "oohed and ahhed" over the lead rope, too!   
We've been having fun and success with the lead rope.  Thanks again.

Renie from Vermont

Sidepull Set - regular sidepull halter with chain brain noseband; 9' reins with crown knot button loops; 10' lead rope with stainless steel bolt snap and leather popper.

I LOVE my side pull halter you made.  I'm so glad I had you make both styles so I could try them. This is the one I prefer ... it is very comfortable for me as well as fitting Kara Mel perfectly. We both love it. ... It's so nice to have tack that fits so nicely, works well, is attractive and not like anything anyone else has.

Pat from California

Custom Bosalter Natural Hackamore  

(visit the Photo Gallery page for a detailed description of the set.)

OH MY GOSH! You are such an artist and a genius! My set is GORGEOUS and fits perfectly! I spent a lot of time looking for the right person to build a beautiful set for my wedding that would also be functional afterwards. I didn't want it to hang low at the nose and it's sitting at the perfect place. I might tighten the browband a smidgen but I think I can handle that. I cannot say enough good things! You were so fast, helpful, and professional about the entire process! And now, I'm holding it in my hands many days before the wedding, which takes so much stress off of me. The rope is unlike any other I've touched. So soft, supple, and smooth. This is the only type of rope material that should touch my mare's face! I pulled it out of the box in front of Coraline and she was just as excited as I was, sniffing it all over and waiting for me to put it on. This rope is softer than the halters I've used in the past yet I find a better yielding response with it! I'm looking into purchasing an Andy stud and I had daydreams of getting him a fancy leather halter with a name plate, but I have changed my mind now! He will need something as magnificent as this set. I'll be ordering from you again, and I'll be sure to send pictures of it in the wedding! Only 11 days. This set is going to be the talk of my horse friends at the wedding. Thank you so so SOOO much. Cannot thank you enough! "

"just wanted to send some more pics of the bosaltermore from my wedding. Thank you again. Coraline and I still use it everyday."

Christine from Canada

22' Mecate with basic button; 1-piece slobber straps

"  My order arrived yesterday and I am SO excited!  You do amazing work!  It's perfect...exactly what I wanted!  The workmanship on the knot is stunning.  I am a knitter, spinner, and weaver, so I really appreciate any kind of intricate handwork.
I can't thank you enough for getting my order to me SO quickly.  I will spread the word of your talent here in central PA and I'm sure to be a return customer. There will be people from all over at the Buck Brannaman clinic I am attending in September, and I'm sure people will ask where I got my mecate reins. Again, thanks so much.  My beautiful golden Haflinger, Rocky, will be stylin' in his new tack! "

"Just a note from another happy customer!  I ordered my mecate rein and slobber straps WAY back in April for my Haflinger, Rocky.  We JUST got back on Monday from the Buck Brannaman clinic we attended in Catasaqua, PA....not only was the clinic fantastic, but your mecate rein was fabulous in every way.  Functional and stylish!!  

..... wanted to say thanks and let you know how much we love your product!

​​Libby from Pennsylvania

Bosalter Sidepull Halter, reins with water straps, lead rope

We love the bridle, and Vivo has been wonderfully responsive and happy in it.  It also looks sooooo great on him, I think you'll agree from the photos!
Thanks again for all your hard work!! 

Leslie from Massachusetts

11' Loop Reins with Turkshead Knots and Tassels, center turkshead knot

" I'm really loving the reins you made for us!! Thanks so much!"

Janice from South Carolina

Bosalter Natural Hackamore, Doubleweave noseband braiding, mini turkshead knots on cheek pieces, 22' Mecate with turkshead knot and tassel

" love love it!  Thank you so much!  ....Well worth the cost and wait.  Excellent craftsmanship.  Wow, thanks so much!"

Carolann from Minnesota

Extra Knots Natural Hackamore, cheek trim and reins with turkshead knots and tassels (visit the Hackamores & BItless Bridles page for more details)

 I received the headstall you made, you do amazing work. It is everything and more that I hoped it would be. I want to thank you, I can't wait to ride my boy with it. I did put it on him and it fits perfectly. When I ride him this weekend I will send you some pics.  Can't believe those beautiful knots you make, and so tight-WOW.
Thanks you very much-It was well worth the wait.

Karin from Wisconsin

9' reins with water straps and snaps, center ring knot; Custom hand whip

" I just wanted to let you know I got my reins and spanker and they are BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you so much and it was great doing business with you!"

Kim from Texas

10' loop reins with turkshead knots and tassels

" ... the reins look great and feel great!  Thanks!" 

Denice from Georgia

23' long line

" I received my long line in the mail today --- it's FABULOUS!!!  EXACTLY what I wanted!!  Thank you so much for making it and for getting it to me in a very timely manner.  You can use me as an example of a completely satisfied customer!  "

Laurie from Florida

9' reins with crown knot button loops

" Received the reins today, installed them at lunch and used them this afternoon.  The button-on attachments were exactly what I wanted.  So easy to install, especially with cold fingers.  My compliments on your excellent workmanship.  These reins are so much nicer than mass produced ones.  I prefer Made In America and  I do try to make an effort to buy  from small businesses and artisans.  I am very pleased with my order and will keep your cards for anyone who might be interested."

Ann from New Jersey

Sidepull Set - regular sidepull halter; 9' reins with button loops - pineapple knots, center ring knot; 12' lead rope with eye splice on halter end, button instead of leather popper.

Wow! ... I am thunderstruck. This rope is absolutely beautiful! ... The braiding work is so perfect. ... I am overwhelmed with how beautiful everything is and how wonderful it feels in my hands. ... I tried the halter on my horse Daphne and it FITS! The fit is incredibly perfect, like a glove. ... Thanks again for a wonderful product and making it available for my horse and I to share in the joy of using it.

Ann from Alabama

I have a lot of happy customers and some of them send pictures of their horses with the tack they ordered. It is great to see the tack "in action".  Sometimes they might not have the halter pulled up tight enough, or they have it tied on with a "different" knot, or the angle of the picture or the lighting isn't the best but I am very grateful they took the time to take the pictures and send them to me.  I also appreciate their comments and have asked permission to print them on my website.  I have included some pictures and/or testimonials on this page so you can see what the tack looks like on different horses and read some customer reviews of my products.  Go to Photo Gallery to see more sets of matching tack or visit the individual products pages from the top menu for more information on a particular item.

Custom Extra Knots Halter - cross tie rings in nose knots, snap on poll strap

"Just want to thank you. Tiffany's halter is wonderful! It fits her perfectly and the quality is exceptional.  Thank you so very much. the family and I are recommending you to all who will take notice and I posted a pic of her in it on my FB page.

Wendy from Wisconsin

Extra knots halter, soft rope, cowboy knots on cheek pieces - draft size

"Thanks again for the great job you did last month on his halter.  I really like the color on him and am planning to get in touch this summer for another one.

 I do actually like the longer poll strap as my horse is much taller than I am -- I"m only 5'4" and it's not easy to reach up there and get it around his head, so the new halter has made things a bit easier for me."

Sharon from Oregon

Quick Snap Get Down Rope with tether (click Here for more information)

" Oh my gosh - your workmanship quality is just beautiful.  I LOVE the reins and lead ropes.  Everything fits well and I really appreciate your efforts to get things here in time for Saturday's qualifications with the mounted patrol.
Many thanks!  I'll be sharing your info with the trail riding group as well as the MP folks.

Bonnie from Minnesota

22' Mecate Reins with turkshead knot/tassel; 1-piece slobber straps; regular halter, 12' lead rope

" OMG! I got my mecate reins and lead & halter today. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all!!!! Completely worth the wait! Your craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing. And the feel of the rope is great. Plus your prices just can't be beat. There's a well known clinician in my area .... and last year I bought one of his handmade halters and leads for about the same price. And yours is so much better! I can't wait to use everything and show all my friends! Thank you for making such a great product! ....."

Joanne from Georgia

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Extra knots halter, stiff cord, custom trim; 14' lead rope with turkshead button; (9' reins with button loops - not shown)

" Thank you so much for the halter and reins.  They are absolutely perfect, they make Amos look so handsome , the items were so worth the wait."

Joan from New York

Bosalter sidepull halter with custom fringe on noseband, cowboy knots on cheek pieces; Knotted V browband; 8' Loop reins with spliced in snaps, matching cowboy knots

" Here is my beautiful girl!  She loves her side pull!"            Jenny from Texas

Extra knots halter, stiff cord; 12' lead rope with eye splice

" Beautiful! The ropes and halter are more beautiful than I imagined. Well worth the wait. I can't thank you enough for the quality you create."

Diane from Florida

Regular Halter, soft rope, Lead rope with eye splice

" My friend bought me a halter and lead set and I LOVE it! Everyone at the farm just loves my halter!!! Even my picky QH mare, who HATES anything on her head, doesn’t toss her head or throw a fit with it. I’ve used other rope halters and all she does is throw her head and throw a fit. I’ve really never seen her behave better :)
If you ever need testimony I will gladly praise - that QH is such a weirdo, but you put your halter on her and she is just happy as a little bug in a rug. She doesn't flip her head or get upset."

Amy from North Carolina


" I just got my halter and I LOVE IT!!! ITS PERFECT!!!! and your right the colors look even better then I hoped. THANK YOU!! Well worth the wait"

Radha from Wisconsin



10+ years

in business!

Y Knot Rope Tack

began in

March, 2007.

Thank you to my many customers for your support and loyalty!


Event Schedule

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Madison, WI

April 12, 13, 14


Booth # OM301

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Deadline to place an order for pick-up at the fair is March 12


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Bosalter Natural Hackamore

"  I just received Sundance’s beautiful hackamore that you made for him.  I love the colors and the high quality materials you used and the reins are great.   Your craftsmanship is the best that I have ever seen and it was definitely worth the price.  I am totally pleased and I will be purchasing more Y Knot Rope Tack in the future.  I am looking forward to performing with Sundance in his new purple and black natural hackamore in all of our upcoming events this year.  ..... I enjoyed communicating with you in ordering this bosalter natural hackamore and it ended up being just what I wanted in color, style, fit and craftsmanship. "

Ron from Utah


Loop reins spliced in brass snaps, ring knots, center turkshead knot; Romal with turkshead/tassel instead of leather popper; Grab strap with cowboy knot

" I LOVE everything you made!  The pieces are exactly how I wanted them and it all looks great on my Fjord! "

Catie from Alabama