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10+ years

in business!

Y Knot Rope Tack

began in

March, 2007.

Thank you to my many customers for your support and loyalty!


Event Schedule

Midwest Horse Fair

Madison, WI

April 12, 13, 14


Booth # OM301

in the Outdoor Mall

same place I've been for several years

Deadline to place an order for pick-up at the fair is March 12


New rope colors are here!


​​​​​​​​​​Unique Trim ~ Leather Accessories

Custom Orders

Rope Halters, Lead Ropes, Long Lines,

Reins, Sticks & Strings, Hackamores,

​ Headstalls, Mecates & More

Small (about 1 1/4" long) ​ 

DW   Choose:  1 or 2 colors

         Price:  $7.00 each

IW     Choose: 2 colors

         Price:  $8.00 each 

Bosalter halter with cheek trim: medium cowboy knots and mini ring knots; plus cowboy knot browband with additional ring knots, pineapple knots braided over crown knots. Tie end button.
All in interweave pattern.

​​Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Coral Pink, Silver Gray, Navy, Turquoise, White, Kelly Green

1/8" Braiding Cord Options for Custom Trim 

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Mini Turkshead Knot  

​Use on soft rope or stiff cord Choose:  1 color

Price:  $3.00 each

halter tie end button options 

Mini turkshead knots on mini halter


Photo Gallery

Below are samples of some custom halters I have made.  Click on the pictures with white borders to enlarge




Cowboy Knots

These knots can be used on soft rope or stiff cord and can be braided in the doubleweave pattern (DW) or interweave pattern (IW).  The doubleweave pattern is the most popular but you can choose the interweave pattern if you want to match up with pineapple knots on other pieces of tack.  You can choose 1 or 2 colors for the doubleweave pattern; 2 colors for the interweave pattern.  

Bosalter halter with cheek trim: mini turkshead knots. Tie end button.  Also name label.

Turkshead knots on noseband - ​choose 1 or 2 colors.  DW   $7.00 each      IW  $8.00

Medium Cowboy ​Knots

Mini Ring Knot  

​Use on soft rope only

Choose:  1 color

Price:  $3.00 each

cheek piece trim options 

Made with the same polyester yarn as all the other rope so it matches perfectly.  It has a polyester cover and a separate polyester core.  I can use the braiding cord with or without the core to create different effects on various items.  Bosalter nosebands are usually made with the core, trim knots and tie end buttons are usually made without the core.

Extra knots halter with cheek trim to match rein trim.  Medium cowboy knots (doubleweave pattern) and mini ring knots. Tie end button.

Ring knots on poll strap

​choose 1 color      $4.00 each

Bosalter halter with cheek trim: medium cowboy knots and mini ring knots; plus matching cowboy knot browband with additional ring knots.  Tie end button.

All in doubleweave pattern.

Combinations of Trim ​Knots


Small Cowboy ​Knots

Extra Small Turkshead Knot - DW 

​Use on soft rope or stiff cord Choose:  1 or 2 colors

   Doubleweave pattern only

Price:  $5.00 each

Extra knots bosalter halter with medium cowboy knots on cheek pieces and ring knots on poll strap. Doubleweave pattern. Tie end button.

Mini ring knots and medium cowboy knots - interweave 

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Long (about 4 1/2 - 5" long) ​ 

DW   Choose:  1 or 2 colors

         Price:  $18.00 each

IW     Choose: 2 colors

         Price:  $21.00 each 


2 or 3 colors

​$8.00 each



2 colors

​$8.00 each

Other Options

Regular sized (not the mini or extra small) ring knots and turkshead knots can be placed on the noseband or poll strap - the sections of a rope halter that have 2 strands.   These options are great if you don't want to go all out with the braided noseband but want a splash of color.  They also work well if you want to add some points of pressure to the noseband or poll strap.

These are Turkshead  knots.  I can make them in the same pattern as a bosalter noseband or to coordinate with other pieces of tack.  As with the cowboy knots, the doubeweave pattern is the most popular but if you want to match with pineapple knots, choose the interweave pattern.   

Note:  A tie end button is included on all bosalter halters at no charge.

Add custom trim to your halter, bosalter, side pull halter, or cross under halter to make it uniquely yours!  I can add knots on the cheek pieces to coordinate with the noseband braiding of your bosalter or to spruce up a regular or extra knots halter, side pull halter or cross under halter.  All trim is braided with polyester braiding cord  -  color choices are shown below.

Scroll down for a list of the knots available for cheek piece trim and tie end buttons.  Prices are listed for each knot.   Keep scrolling farther to see lots of pictures of custom trim on halters, but feel free to use your imagination!

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Halters with Braided Nosebands

About the Custom Trim


Long Cowboy ​Knots


1 or 2 colors

​$7.00 each

The following options and prices are for knots braided on 1/4" rope or cord - there may be some differences for knots braided on the larger 5/16" diameter halter cord.  Prices are for each knot.  So for trim on both sides of your halter, you will need to order 2 of each.  The choice of braid pattern is denoted as follows:  Doubleweave - DW;  Interweave - IW.

Medium (about 2 1/2" long) ​ 

DW   Choose:  1 or 2 colors

         Price:  $12.00 each

IW     Choose: 2 colors

         Price:  $14.00 each 

Mini ring knots and long cowboy knots - doubleweave