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Snug up the connection and you are ready to use your flag!

  • Flags are made with ripstop nylon fabric; edges are melted to eliminate fraying; attachment corner is sewn securely
  • One size - approximately 15" x 15"
  • Attach to the rope loop of my stick with a "button hole" - see pictures below for attachment method.

Color options:  Black only at this point

Price:   $7.00

My flags can be used with either of my sticks but I would recommend the light weight stick -- it will be easier to make the quick back and forth motions to optimize the affect of the flag.  You may also order a shorter stick to use with the flag.  Click here for more information on  Sticks

To ask questions or to place an order....

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How to Attach Flag to Stick

 I have made flags for one of my trainers, Indy O'Connor, for several years but since they have become more popular recently, I offer them in my product line.  As mentioned on the main motivators page, I do not have employees using specialized equipment cranking these things out.  I measure and cut the flags one at a time and sew the corner using a regular old sewing machine. I realize you may be able to find mass produced flags elsewhere at a better price but I offer flags so you can get everything at one place, consolidate shipping, etc.  

(If you have been on my site before, you will notice that I have changed the way I finish the flag - I now melt the edges instead of sewing.  Both accomplish the same thing - keeping the edges from fraying - but melting takes less time so I have lowered the price.)

Construction and Options

Pull the whole flag through the rope loop.

Note: You are pulling the flag through the rope loop - not through the slit in the flag.

Find the opposite corner of flag and insert it through the rope loop.

Insert rope loop through slit in corner of flag


Click on pictures to enlarge