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There are 2 options for the button loop.

Both have the sliding ring knot closure.

1/4" tether at longest length

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closed - adjust to desired length

Price:  $6.00

Button loop with spliced eye

Price:  ​$12.50

Rope Options for 1/2" double braid polyester

Button loop with knotted eye

Price:  $8.00

I got the idea for this product from someone who was not satisfied with the poor quality of the one she had - rope clamps, cheap rope, etc.  She asked if I could make something similar but better .... so I did!  She does rescue work with her horse so she needs to be able to get down and lead or tie her horse quickly and then untie him and re-mount just as fast.  With this "quick snap get-down rope", she can quickly go from leading to riding and visa versa.  This is a great piece of equipment for anyone to have, especially when trail riding and/or if your saddle does not have a horn.

This lead rope has a pair of interlocking rings about 2' from one end.  They are moveable so you can adjust the configuration of the set-up but will stay in place once the rings are locked.  The double ring system only works with the 1/2" rope.  You can choose from the normal options for the halter end - eye splice, button, or snap. The other end loops around the horse's neck and connects to the ring which is at the chest.  You can choose a snap or button loop connector for this end.  

When you need to get down and lead your horse or tie him up, simply undo the snap or button loop and pull the rope off his neck.  When it's time to mount up, loop the rope around his neck and connect to the ring. 

1/2" rope, 8' length with 2 medium nickel bolt snaps permanently spliced in 

1/4" tether 

Adjustable 1/4" rope tether - use on horn or pommel

Solid Colors:  black, tan, brown, hunter green, burgundy, blue, purple, red, neon orange, neon green, coral pink

Multi colors




Adjustable braiding cord tether - use with D rings

1/2" rope, 7' length with medium bolt snap at rings, permanently spliced in. Trigger bull snap on eye at halter end.

The standard length is about 2' total.  If you want it longer or shorter, just let me know.

open - insert through D ring

Button loop connector - open and closed

Check List for ordering a Quick Snap Get-Down Rope:
1. Length of lead rope
2. Diameter of rope
3. Color of rope
4. Tail end option

  • snap - what type & finish
  • if snap - how attached: permanently spliced in or on an eye splice
  • ​button loop connector

5. Halter end option​

  • eye splice 
  • button - what color(s)
  • snap - what type & finish
  • if snap - how attached: permanently spliced in or on an eye splice

6. Customization, if any (trim, knots, etc.)

7. Tether, if desired

  • color
  • diameter
  1. 1/4" for horn or pommel
  2. 1/8" for D ring

You will need some type of tether to keep the rope from sliding down the neck if your horse lowers his head.  You can run the rope through your martingale or breast collar tugs if you use either of those. Or - I make an optional tether that you can attach to your saddle and easily feed the lead rope through.   The option made with 1/4" rope works well around the horn or pommel of a western saddle.  The braiding cord option works with D rings.  Both options are adjustable.

The most common length is about 7' for an average size horse.  That will give you a 5' loop for around the neck and about a 2' section from the chest to the halter.  Choose whatever combination of snaps you want for the halter end and the tail end and if you want them spliced in or on an eye splice. Some snap options are shown here.  Options for the rings: stainless steel or solid brass. For more snap options and details, click here to go to  About the Hardware

The button loop connector is permanently attached to the rope so it won't come off.  Just slide the ring knot to open and close the button hole.

The price will depend on the options you choose, how long you want your get-down rope, and if you need a tether - described below.   


black, tan, brown, hunter green, burgundy, blue, purple, red, neon orange, yellow, neon green, coral pink, silver gray, navy

1/4" tether at shortest length

​​Multi Colors:  





Rope options for 1/4" tether - 1/4" double braid polyester

Photo Gallery

1/2" rope with twist snap on halter end, medium bolt snap at chest -

both on eye splices.
Adjustable tether 
for D ring



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New rope colors are here!


Prices for Quick Snap Get-Down Rope

7' total length, 1/2" rope          For other lengths:  +/- $1.00 / ft

Halter End Option

Tail End Option at Rings

Option 3 Snap

medium bolt or scissor

nickel or brass*

Permanent Button Loop Connector
Eye Splice or Button$27.50$38.00
Option 1 Snap$35.50$46.00
Option 2 Snap$32.50$43.00
Option 2L Snap$30.00$40.50

*Add $2.50 for stainless steel scissor snap

Option 1 Snaps: brass twist snap, stainless steel bolt snap, stainless steel trigger bull snap

Option 2 Snaps: large brass bolt snap, nickel or brass trigger bull snap, ring/clip combo
Option 2L Snap:  lightweight nickel bolt snap

1/4" rope, 8' length, scissor snaps on both ends - on eye splices

1/4" tether

The interlocking rings do not work with the 1/4" rope so one ring is tied in with an overhand knot.  You can adjust the position when the rope is new but the overhand knot will become difficult to move after some use.

Options for 1/8" Braiding Cord

black, tan, brown, hunter green, burgundy, blue, purple, red, neon orange, yellow, neon green, coral pink, navy, white, silver gray, kelly green


Quick Snap Get-Down Rope

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