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Custom Orders

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Rope and Braiding Cord Options for Custom Hand Whip

Checklist for ordering a Custom Hand Whip
1. length - standard or custom

2. color of rope base

3. color/pattern of cowboy knot 

4. color of sliding ring knot

​5. color of leather popper

6. label, customization, if any

1/4" Double Braid Polyester:  

Solid Colors:

Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Coral Pink, Silver Gray, Navy

Multi Colors: 

Rainbow, TurquoiseSB, Twilight (blue/purple/navy)

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Custom Hand Whip - interweave pattern

Price:  $38.00

Since romals and saddle horn spankers are essentially very short lead ropes, the same trim and custom options apply. Details and prices of the knots and options are described with the lead ropes.  Some possibilities are shown in the photo gallery below.

Please click on Lead Ropes Custom Trim Options for more information. 

For color options of braiding cord, see list/picture under Hand Whip description near top of page.

Rope Options for Romals and Saddle Horn Spankers


Solid:  Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Neon Green,

Coral Pink


Rainbow (blue, purple, red, neon orange, yellow, neon green)

Turquoise SB (turquoise with silver gray and black flecks)


Silverado (silver gray, burgundy, hunter green, navy)

Twilight (blue, purple, navy)

A basic type of spanker - this style is made with 3/8" or 1/2" (see rope options below) double braid rope.  You can simply put the large eye splice over your saddle horn or you can loop it through itself around the horn. I remove the core of the rope in the splice and purposely put a twist in the splice so the rope will lay flat and be less bulky when attached to your saddle horn.  The leather popper is attached through an eye splice which weights the end making it easier to control. You can customize your spanker with braided knots or substitute a knot/tassel for the leather popper. The standard length is 4' - this does not include the leather popper - but I can make it longer or shorter.

To snug up around the horn, feed the popper end through the eye splice then pull the rope tight around the horn.  If you need to shorten your spanker, simply make a couple more loops around the horn or tie 1 or 2 overhand knots in the rope until you get the length you want. (Be aware that these knots may become permanent.)

Price for 4' Spanker:  $23.00 1/2" rope    $20.00  3/8" rope

This style is made with the soft 1/4" rope.  An extra long cowboy knot provides a hand grip and creates some structure.  A sliding ring knot will snug the loop up to your wrist or saddle horn.  Overall length -- including leather popper and hand loop -- is about 24".  Choose any color 1/4" rope for the base; any colors (1 or 2) braiding cord for the cowboy knot.  Also, choose the braiding pattern - doubleweave or interweave.

"I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me.

Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.

But take heart, because I have overcome the world."

​John 16:33  NLT

Click on pictures to enlarge

Checklist for ordering a Spanker
1. saddle horn spanker or romal

2. length of spanker

3. color of rope

4. color of leather popper

5. custom options, if any

Solid: Black only

Sometimes we all need a little motivation!  

 I call these motivators "Spankers".  They are also called quirts, over-unders, romals, etc. These products are communication tools that you can use to tell your horse to get going .... now!  Reinforce your voice or leg cues with a spank if your horse is not responding to you.  

As with most of my tack, you can customize your spanker with braided knots and trim or have it made to a specific length.

​Scroll down to see hand whips, romals, and saddle horn spankers​ on this page.  Also custom trim options for enhancing your spanker.

While there are many advantages of using loop reins, one disadvantage is there are no rein ends to use as spankers - either to motivate your own horse or to aid in moving cattle, etc. If you use loop reins and need a motivator but don't want to use the hand whip or the saddle horn spanker described above, you could choose to add a romal to your loop reins.  

True romal reins (introduced by the Spanish vaqueros in the 1700s) are closed reins which come together in the middle with a small loop which the separate romal piece can be connected to. They are designed to be held with the reins folded together in one hand with the small loop coming out near the thumb while the other hand controls the romal.

My version would not be acceptable in the show ring but it gives you more options on how you can use your reins.  Fold the reins together and hold in the traditional manner or hold the reins with one or two hands as is normal with loop reins so you can slide your hands down the sides.  You can also choose to place the romal in the center or to one side. Many options!

The construction of the romal is similar to the saddle horn spanker but the eye splice which attaches to the reins is smaller. You can customize your spanker with braided knots or substitute a knot/tassel for the leather popper. The standard length is 4' - this does not include the leather popper - but I can make it longer or shorter.  Just let me know what length you want. It can be made with the 3/8" or 1/2" rope (see rope options below).  

If you are ordering reins and a romal at the same time and want to make sure your romal stays in one place, add a ring knot to your reins where you want the romal to be - either at center or to one side.  The loop of the romal will snug up around the knot to keep it in place.

Price for 4' Romal:  $23.00 1/2" rope    $20.00  3/8" rope

I am no longer offering the custom saddle horn spanker or romal in my regular product line.  The spanker/romal made with the 1/2" rope (described above) has been more popular the last few years.  I can still make a custom one for you, though, if that is what you really want.  They are rather pricey because of all the braided knots.  Prices start at $35.00 and go up from there depending on your choice of knots, tassels, etc.  I have left a few pictures in this section to show what is possible.

Construction:  Made with 1/4" soft rope or 1/4" stiff cord.  The braided knots are essential to the construction - they cover and secure the overlappping rope ends,  keep the rope strands together, etc.   You you can choose the color combination and length of cowboy knots and order additional knots but you cannot eliminate any of the necessay knots. The ring knot near the loop end will slide so you can open and close the loop around your wrist, saddle horn, etc.  All other knots are fixed in place.

Custom Hand Whip - doubleweave pattern

Price:  $34.00

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Custom Trim Options for Romals and Saddle Horn Spankers

Click on pictures to enlarge

Custom Hand Whip

Solid: Black only

3/8" Double Braid Polyester

A good option if you want a romal or spanker that is lighter weight than one made with the 1/2" rope.  Available in black only.

Custom Saddle Horn Spanker/Romal - discontinued but still available

Click on pictures to enlarge


Saddle Horn Spanker

​5/8" Double Braid Polyester

Still suitable for a romal or spanker but much heavier than the 1/2" rope.  Available in black only.

1/8" Braiding Cord:

Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue,  Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Coral Pink, Silver Gray, Navy, Turquoise, White, 
Kelly Green

1/2" Double Braid Polyester

As with lead ropes, this diameter is the most common used for romals and spankers.  Available in the colors shown below.