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10 years

in business!

Y Knot Rope Tack

began in

March, 2007.

Thank you to my many customers for your support and loyalty!


I will once again

have a booth at the Midwest Horse Fair

in Madison, WI

April 21, 22, 23

Booth # OM45

in the Outdoor Mall

same place I've been for several years

Deadline to place an order for pick-up at the fair is March 22


New rope colors coming soon!


​​​​​​​​​​Unique Trim ~ Leather Accessories

Custom Orders

Rope Halters, Lead Ropes, Long Lines,

Reins, Sticks & Strings, Hackamores,

​ Headstalls, Mecates & More

Two Piece Straps

I make these with heavy weight (9-10oz) leather, 1 1/2" wide and 8" long when folded and tied together.  Because of the 2-piece construction, you don't have to remove your reins to change to a different bit or bridle.  These are plain but functional - the ends are rounded and the edges are beveled but no tooling, etc.  I offer them so customers can get their reins and slobber straps in one place - saving time and shipping costs.

Price: $22.50 per set of 2   Color options: black, dark brown, burgundy

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You can customize your slobber straps with pineapple knots or lone star knots.  I braid these decorative knots over the crown knots.  The medium pineapple knot is the best size.  I can also make the lone star knot even though it is a bit smaller. These decorative knots are pretty pricey because of the time and skill involved in braiding them, but they can make quite a stunning piece of tack!

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One Piece Straps

For those who won't be changing bridles, I make a 1-piece version.  These are made with the same type and amount of leather so they are similar in weight to the 2-piece version.  They are 9" long when folded.  

Price: $18.00 per set of 2
Color options: black, dark brown, burgundy​

A unique design of Y Knot Rope Tack!  I can make these in any of the 1/4" double braid rope so you can match or coordinate your reins and straps.  They have a fiador knot and loops on one end to tie in your reins - just like on a rope halter.  On the other end is a button / loop connector.  To make the button, I tie what I call a crown knot. This is a unique knot that I came up with myself.  The rope ends are secured by melting -- but on the sides of the knot instead of the top.  So instead of a hard melted glob, there is a nice "crown" of rope that makes a button on the end of the loop.  I then add a braided ring knot on the loop part that slides to open and close the "button hole".


The loop end will fit through almost any bit ring making it possible to use these slobber straps with shank bits as well as large ring snaffle bits.   They can also be used with the rings on sidepulls and other bitless bridles. 

The picture below shows the color options.  The dark brown straps (top) show the alteration of the bigger hole and longer slit.  The medium brown straps (bottom) have the original small hole and shorter slit.  You can order either color with the bigger hole or we can leave the smaller hole on either color.


Check List for ordering Slobber Straps:


1. Color of rope

2. Color of sliding ring knots

3. Customization, if any


1. 1-piece or 2-piece

2. Color of leather

I am in the process of phasing out my leather slobber straps. My cost for just the leather alone is more than the retail price for a reasonably nice set of slobber straps one can find on the market today.  And that does not include the time it takes to make them - measure and cut strips into pieces, bevel the edges, round the ends, punch the holes, cut the slits....  My time will be better spent making rope products.  My leather slobber straps will only be available until my supply of wide leather strips is gone.

Slobber Straps with Pineapple Knot Buttons or Lone Star Knot Buttons

Choose:  color of rope 

               color of cord for sliding ring knots

               colors of cord for braided knots

​Price:  $52.50 set of 2

Slobber Straps are used to attach mecate reins or loop reins to a bit. They add weight to your reins and create a "hinge" to aid in communication.  A nice advantage of using slobber straps is that you can adjust your rein length by sliding the rope through the straps - great when using the same set of reins on different horses.

Traditional slobber straps are made with leather.  I make a version using the 1/4" soft double braid rope and I also make some basic leather slobber straps.

click on pictures to enlarge

click on pictures to enlarge

Leather Slobber Straps

Tough 1 Two-Piece Slobber Straps

Two-piece design allows for changing bits without untying reins.  Leather is medium/heavy weight (about 8oz). Widest dimension is just under 2". Length when folded and tied is just under 7".  

Price: $10.00 per set of 2
Color options:  dark brown, medium brown

Slobber Straps with Crown Knot Buttons

Choose:  color of rope 

               color of cord for sliding ring knots

​Price:  $26.50 set of 2

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Rope Slobber Straps

Tough 1 Leather Slobber Straps

Since I am now a JT International dealer, I can offer the Tough 1 leather slobber straps they carry.  I prefer to make my own products using American made/manufactured materials only, but in this case I just can't compete with the overseas market. The tag says these are made in India. While you can tell they are a mass produced product, they are finished nicely and are of reasonably good quality.  The leather is firm but flexible (not the stiff "cardboard" stuff like some cheap leather goods).  They come with small holes and short slits so we have made the holes bigger and the slits longer to be easier to use with 1/2" or 5/8" diameter rope with buttons and tassels, etc. If you want to use them with smaller diameter reins (like 3/8"), let me know and we won't make those changes.  I would say these are in the "utility" category - plain but functional.

I only offer these slobber straps so I can provide my customers with the convenience of getting reins and a choice of leather or rope slobber straps at the same place.  I can also sell these leather straps at a lower price than the ones I make myself, thereby saving my customers some money.