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The cross under straps are not reins.  They extend out from the sides of the halter only a few inches.  You must order reins separately or use your own.

Click on
Rope Halter Options for information on standard sizes, rope type and color choices, tie end options and other general information about rope halters. Click on Regular, Extra Knots or Bosalter to learn more about those styles of halters.

Prices are listed at the bottom of the page.

to attach your reins. An adjustable chin strap is connected to the nose knot rings so you can snug up the noseband. This keeps the cross under halter in the correct position and prevents it from riding up the face or sliding around the nose when you engage the reins. The chin strap is made with the polyester braiding cord - choose a color to match or contrast with the cross under straps or the halter.

Prices for Cross Under Halters*
SizeStyle/PatternSoft RopeStiff Cord
XS, S, M, LRegular**$53.00$55.00
XS, S, M, L
Extra Knots$56.00$58.00
S, M, L
Bosalter - DW$82.00$84.00
S, M, L
Bosalter - IW$87.00$89.00

XL or Draft
XL or Draft
Extra Knots$58.00$61.00
XL or Draft
Bosalter - DW$92.00$95.00
XL or Draft
Bosalter - IW$98.00$101.00

*  Call or email for pricing on draft size regular or extra knots cross under halters made with 3/8" double braid rope.

*  Call or email for pricing on mini cross under halters, extra small bosalter cross under halters, and cross under halters with other custom options.

**  Add $8.00 to "regular" prices for cross under halters with chain braid noseband

Checklist for ordering a Cross Under Halter
1. style of cross under halter

  • regular (2 knot) - plain or chain braid
  • extra knots (4 knot)
  • bosalter (braided noseband)

2. size - standard size or measurements for custom halter
3. type of rope or cord for halter
4. color of rope or cord for halter

5. choice of rings

  • stainless steel or solid brass

6. color of chin strap

7. choice of cross under strap option

  • with snaps
  • no snaps

8. color of cross under straps

9. color of braided trim, if any
10. custom options, if any

With all riding halters - Check the fiador knot under the chin often.  If you do not usually have a lead rope attached, the fiador knot could become loose and the dimensions and even-ness of your halter could be affected.  If you see signs of loosening, grasp all strands of  rope on each side and pull to tighten the knot.  Always lead your horse by holding the fiador knot and/or the loops below the knot or attaching a lead rope.

No Snaps

I make eye splices on each end.  The halter end has a flat braid splice because the length of the strap is shorter than the minimum spacing required between double braid eye splices.  The rein end has a larger eye splice that will fit through the nose knot ring after the other end is looped through the jaw knot ring.  Sounds confusing but the pictures should clarify.

The pictures below show some cross under halters in a variety of rope/cord types.  Some have custom options.  

Note: Some pictures show rings tied into the rein connector ends.  I no longer make the straps with the rings.  The larger rope loop allows for more styles of reins to be used with the cross under halter - snaps, tie on, eye spliced ends, etc.

With Snaps

I splice in a small bolt snap (nickel or brass) to connect to the jaw knot ring and tie a double overhand knot to create a loop on the other end to connect your reins. The snaps will fit through the nose knot rings so the straps can be removed and re-attached.

Click on pictures to enlarge

​​Options for Cross Under Straps

There are 2 options for how the cross under straps are attached to the halter - with or without snaps.  The price is the same for either option.  The halter part can be made in the soft rope or stiff cord but the cross under straps must be made in the soft double braid rope to allow for splicing.

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Since the action of a cross under bridle is different than what your horse is probably used to, please introduce this new equipment slowly. Some people think these bridles transmit too much information and confuse the horse; others love it and find their horse to be very "light" when using it. Since my rope version is much less expensive than the leather version, it’s a good way to try it out without investing a lot of money. And you can always use my version in different ways if the original set-up doesn’t work for you or your horse.

  • Attach the cross under straps through the nose knot rings and up to the jaw knot rings on the same side – without crisscrossing them underneath.
  • Remove the chin strap and thread the cross under straps through the nose knot rings, making an "Indian Bosal" where the noseband tightens when you pull with both reins.
  • Remove the cross under straps completely and attach your reins directly to the nose knot rings and use it as a side pull halter.
  • Remove everything (except the rings) and use it as a normal rope halter.

It is a very versatile piece of equipment!

Cross Under Halters work by applying pressure to parts of the head. With the straps crisscrossed under the jaw, when you pick up on your left rein, the pressure is felt on the right side of the face and the horse learns to yield away from that pressure. When you pick up on both reins, the straps tighten from both sides and pressure is felt over the poll and under the jaw. This gives you more contact and leverage and thus more stopping power than a simple side pull halter provides.

Cross under halters are available in regular, extra knots or bosalter styles in any of the halter rope I carry. It is constructed in the same way as my regular rope halters except, as I make it, I space the nose knots lower on the sides and make the cheek pieces a bit longer so the noseband fits lower on the nose giving you more leverage.  I tie your choice of solid brass or stainless steel rings into the nose knots and into the jaw knots as I make the halter. The cross under straps are attached to the rings in the jaw knots, criss cross under the head and go through the rings in the nose knots. The ends of the straps become connectors