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Knot, tassel and connector are about 10" long, 20 strands.  Choose 1 or 2 colors for turkshead knot  or medium pineapple knot

Turkshead knot - 
doubleweave: $24.00  
interweave: $26.00

Pineapple knot: $30.00

picture shows shorter custom tassel with pineapple knot

These are handy little items.  Use them to identify certain keys or just make it easy to find them.  The fob is braided onto a smaller ring which is then put onto the split key ring.  Choose 2 colors of braiding cord in your choice of patterns: spiral or straight. I can also make them without the "tassel".  A colorful but non-bulky way to keep track of your keys!

Price:  $5.00


Knot, tassel and connector are about 6" long,  12 tassel strands.  Choose 1 or 2 colors for turkshead knot 

Turkshead knot -

doubleweave: $16.00  

interweave: $17.00

This page is for anything that isn't really "equipment" - mostly decorative items and "fun stuff".  Please visit the other pages for Rope Halters, Lead Ropes, Reins, etc. for rope/cord options and trim possibilities.  As with most of the things I make, you can customize it to your specifications and if you don't see what you want, ask to see if I can make it for you.

Items on this page: Individual tassels, key rings

Key Rings


No connector - just a loop.  Whole tassel is about 3" long with 6 strands. Choose 1 color for turkshead knot.

Turkshead Knot: $8.00   


Individual Tassels


Knot, tassel and connector are about 8" long, 16 tassel strands.  Choose 1 or 2 colors for turkshead knot  

Turkshead knot - 
doubleweave: $20.00  
interweave: $21.50

picture shows longer custom tassel

Use these tassels as decoration on your tack - or anywhere!  The  larger sizes can also be considered "Shoo-flies". Since they are made with the braiding cord, they will exactly match other pieces of rope tack and/or braided trim.   Clean and maintain your tassel in the same manner as other rope items - wash with soapy water, rinse and hang to dry. I make most sizes with an adjustable connector but I can also make them with a simple loop if that works better for your intended use.  You can choose the type of knot: turkshead knot - doubleweave or interweave pattern, or pineapple knot, depending on the size of the tassel. The number of tassel strands and overall length of tassels are listed for each size but if you want something different, just let me know.

spiral pattern (left)         straight pattern (right)

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