Rope Halters, Lead Ropes, Long Lines,

Reins, Sticks & Strings, Hackamores,

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 I call these products motivators.  They are communication tools that aid in training and in everyday riding as well.

I realize that I cannot compete with the large companies that mass produce sticks and flags.  I do not have a factory with specialized equipment or a crew of employees willing to work for pennies.  But I do offer the best equipment that I can make, using the methods and materials that are feasible for a "one-horse" business.  As with all my rope products, quality is my main concern and I guarantee my workmanship.  You can no doubt find items at a lower price elsewhere but I offer these products so you can get everything in one place to save on shipping, and also so you can support a small American business.

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STICKS  Regular and lightweight training sticks in adult size and kid size.

STRINGS  The standard length to pair up with a training stick - adult size and kid size.  Also, catch ropes, get-down ropes and feather weight lines

FLAGS Rip stop nylon in large and small sizes

SPANKERS  Options for your wrist, saddle or reins -  hand whip, saddle horn spanker, romal

LABELS  Shrink tube labels to indentify your equipment



10 years

in business!

Y Knot Rope Tack

began in

March, 2007.

Thank you to my many customers for your support and loyalty!


I will once again

have a booth at the Midwest Horse Fair

in Madison, WI

April 21, 22, 23

Booth # OM45

in the Outdoor Mall

same place I've been for several years

Deadline to place an order for pick-up at the fair is March 22


New rope colors coming soon!

​​​​​​​​​​Unique Trim ~ Leather Accessories

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